Foxxy Balboa - #205

Almost 1 year playing derby! Eek... 1st practice August 2015 MRD is my home team!

Time off the track is spent with my partner, my dog Diesel, and my garden. By day, I'm a psychological superhero and I work private practice. I hope to eventually obtain my Ph.D in Clinical or School Psychology!

I joined derby after being asked if I would like to play by a member of MRD while on vacation at the beach... It has been ON & POPPIN' since then! I needed to develop a personal life outside of my significant relationship and derby turned out to be so much more.

What I love the most is that I've encountered some AMAZINGLY AWESOME individuals who have taught me to never give up, to keep trying, and to relish in my derby achievements! I've learned to trust my abilities and rely on others while playing a sport which I enjoy. I love my team and wouldn't trade them for the world! Oh, and I have THE BEST derby wife, who pushes me and never allows me to quit!

One word: BAD-ASS


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