Anna Maul #77

Name: Anna Maul #77

Years playing derby: since February 2015

Skating with MRD since: since February 2015

How do you spend your time off the track?
As an independent single working mother, spending time with my kiddos (usually skating with them!), and daydreaming of being at the beach.

What made you want to play derby/join the MRD family? I was recruited by our head Referee "Boom", while skating at a local rink. I attended my first practice, put on skates and gear and never looked back.

What do you love most about it? My derby team is exceptionally supportive, and they make it fun to play. And even when competing with other teams, I've never seen better sportsmanship!

Sum up your MRD experience in one word: #mostfunyoucanhaveon8wheels

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