Ruth Bader Sinsburg

Years playing derby: 1

Skating with MRD since: May 2015

How do you spend your time off the track?: doing odd jobs, writing, listening to way too many radio dramas, taking care of a sassy old lady, brightening the world with my smile, and stealing ur girl lol

What made you want to play derby/join the MRD family?: Two friends of mine were already heavily involved in the team and they asked one night if I wanted to NSO at their next scrimmage. I naively said yes, and went in totally ignorant of the mindblowing awesomeness that I was destined to experience. I fell in love with the sport, and when they asked if I would like to come to a practice one week, I couldn't say no. Things started out pretty rocky, since I'd never skated before and had to learn everything from scratch, but after a lot of falls, I've finally gotten comfortable on 8 wheels and I'm eagerly awaiting the day I get to play in a scrimmage for the first time!

What do you love most about it?: Lemme tell ya something about MRD, alright? These ladies are the bomb dot com. There's a moment every now and then when you get really frustrated with yourself and seriously contemplate throwing your skates away. These derby girls are really good about swooping in at the last second and telling you "No, girl, you're gonna keep going and I'm gonna help you." And then, they get you through the rough patch, they make you laugh when you need it, they teach you some new tricks, and you come out of it wondering why the heck you ever thought about quitting. I've made some really good friends out on this track and I can only dream of being as great as them. And then the actual sport itself is just crazy awesome. It's chaotic. It's violent. It's hella cathartic when you're having a bad day. And it's some of the most fun I've had in years. 12/10 would recommend.

Sum up your MRD experience in one word: WHOA!


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