Voluptuous Vixen - #504

Years playing derby: 7

Skating with MRD since: "THE MERGE" lol

How do you spend your time off the track?  Work, eat, gym, sleep, FAMILY TIME, repeat

What made you want to play derby/join the MRD family? I was 285 lbs, borderline diabetic, and doc told me to shed the weight. I found a flyer at old school skate and never looked back....injuries and all. I LOVE being playful and aggressive! This is the sport that can handle my plushness. No matter how many times you think you're done with derby it KEEPS calling you back.

What do you love most about it? TEAMWORK and the overall love for one another. Its rare that you can get a group of women together that you don't want to kill! lol... The respect is undeniable.

Sum up your MRD experience in one word: #respectloveteamworkmakesthedreamwork


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